Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the school fees and what are the payment options?R12 500 for 2020 payable by end of February with a 5% discount, or installments payable over 10 months.
What are the school fees for 2021?We will only know that after the Budget Meeting in November 2020.
What time are the learners released from school?At 2h45pm but please check your daughter's timetable as on certain days the times vary.
What time and when is the uniform shop open?Monday to Wednesday from 8am to 2pm.
Where are you situated?149 Hoosen Haffejee Street. (Corner of Hoosen Haffejee and Peter Kirchhoff Street).
What are your school hours?Monday to Thursday 7h30am to 3h30pm Friday 7h30am to 3h00pm.
How many learners are there at your school?525 – 535 at any given time.
Do you have any space for my child? (Grades 8-12)Unfortunately, we have no more spaces available for 2019 & 2020.
Why do you not have a space for my child?We are a very small school and can only accommodate a certain number of learners.
What are the price of your uniforms?Please come in and request a price list.
What do they have to wear in winter & summer?Refer to the section on uniform.
What is the Principal’s email address?All mail to
Are you still open for applications?No, the closing date was 15 March 2019.
Does my child have extra lessons today?All learners who have extra lessons will bring a letter home with the dates and times.
Do you have a boarding establishment?No.
Do you have a swimming pool?No.
Will you allow me to sell food at the school to the students?No, we have a tuck shop already.
Is it just a girls school or can boys also go to school there?Yes, its girls only. No boys allowed.
I need to pay for school fees, do you take cash.No. we can’t take cash for security reasons, can you please deposit the money straight into the school's account.
Do you have a card machine?No.
Does the school have a matric ball?No, we have a smart lunch for the matrics. It is totally free and no special clothing needs to be bought.