Russell High Old Girls' Association

Legacy Programme

We all have memories of Russell High and it seems for most of us they are very good memories. The teachers cared about us and helped us to believe in ourselves and become the best that we could. At Russell High we received a good foundation for our journey of life.

Education has gone through radical changes in South Africa and we can all be proud to be a part of the history of Russell High. We are part of the legacy of the oldest government school for girls in KwaZulu-Natal. We belong to a school that is still offering quality education to girls from the original site and in a recognised heritage building over 145 years on.

The staff at the school maintain the high standard of teaching and learning and continue to care about the girls, but they face many challenges. There are more pupils and fewer teachers; the old building is now in urgent need of some repairs and maintenance; they have to rely on the fee income to pay for additional teachers, for equipment and general maintenance as state funding for the school is very limited.

The RHOG legacy programme is a way of “thanking” the school for its contribution to our lives and showing our appreciation for the way in which the current staff and girls are keeping alive the values and ethos of this fine school.

The RHOG programme has established a database of past students, as far back as 1946 . The database grows monthly and it provides an avenue for old friends to reconnect, and an addition to the school family in creating a network of helping hands.

How can you help?

Sign up on the database so we have your contact details.


  • Rands for Russell – Straight donations are always welcome. This is a way the wonderful Russell girls who have been blown to all the corners of the world can contribute. You can do an EFT: FNB Account name: Russell High School, Number: 56740012277, Branch: 22135. Please give the reference RHOG, your surname and year you left school as the reference.
  • Nominate Russell High for your loyalty cards that will contribute to a school – Macro, Woolworths, School Days etc.
  • Support the Annual reunions – Facebook will have the dates of upcoming reunions.
  • Buy Russell High memorabilia.
  • Come and join our group, bring us any ideas you may have or good connections we could explore to raise the major funding needed to repair our school.


To sign up as to the RHOG database to ensure stay in touch with the school, to connect with old friends, keep up to date with RHOG news and events.

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